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Women on Your Team:
A Man's Guide to Leading Women

Women on Your Team

by Colonel Jo B. Rusin, U.S. Army Retired

At last, a positive and practical guide for men who lead teams that include women. Here are the answers you need for dealing with women who cry over seemingly insignificant things, enforcing standards for physical fitness and personal appearance, and dealing with pregnancy and child care. Spiced with realworld examples, Women on Your Team tells you how to accommodate privacy issues with women and men living in a field environment; how to eliminate sexual harassment and how to protect yourself from false charges of sexual harassment. While women grow up with different rules than men do, they bring many talents to your team. The key is knowing how to develop their skills and make them full-fledged members of the team. With the knowledge you will gain from Women on Your Team , written for military leaders but applicable in the civilian sector as well, you will find yourself leading a strong and resourceful, gender integrated team that can handle any challenge that comes your way. With this book you won’t need a female advisor. You will have the answers yourself. Properly led, women are an asset to your team, not a liability. They bring talents and insights that can make your organization stronger and more successful, provided you fully integrate them into your team.


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